Posted on: 2016-03-16 12:32:10
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24/7 Emergency plumbing Waterloo

Whether real or gas, a fire is considered as the best way to heat a room because it adds a sense of elegance as well as cosiness around. But a fire cannot provide heat to a big room evenly on its own; therefore, it is regarded as a good option to support the central heating set up.

Before selecting which is best for you, you need to check what type of flue you have. This can be done after meeting with an expert fitter. Most of the traditional chimneys are able to cope with any fire, but the metal gas flues restrict some kinds and can create an issue of emergency plumbing Waterloo.

Real fire:
There are some parts that are operated as the smoke control area, so you are restricted to use an open fire or stove in these areas. Some kinds of fuels might also be prohibited with open fires.
It is essential to have a proper chimney for the use of an open fire and it should be properly maintained as well. Otherwise it can cause damage to your house and could cause a need for emergency plumbing Waterloo.

A wood burning stove can produce a large amount of heat and they are known to be very efficient as they can emit 90% of their energy in the room. There are many designs of stoves available in the market and cast iron is one of the best. They can stand separate or fitted into the wall as well.

Gas fire:
It is an all-time easy and cheap option that is available in a variety of designs in the market. They can be part of nearly all types of decors and you can fit it in the wall or it may stand on its own.
Electric fires & gel burners:
These are more attractive for the purpose of room decor than their actual use. These are easy to install and require no flue at all.

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