Posted on: 2016-05-21 12:23:24
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How to unblock a shower

In the unpleasant and nasty process of how to unblock a blocked shower Waterloo often proper plunging fairly solves the matter. Repeating the process of plunging usually brings the required results and this is the reason it is considered the most effective and easiest way to unblock the shower drain. But sometimes with repeated strokes of powerful plunging fail to satisfy you and you start thinking of other methods of how to unblock a shower. Snaking the drain: Snake or technically known as an auger is a wonder plumbing tool; especially when you are interested in solving your plumbing problems yourself. Snake is a long and flexible steel cable wound on handle. Professionals usually have an electrical model which is expensive as well but for household use one can purchase a handled snake at lesser price. All you have to do is to feed the auger down the drain. In case you are trying to unclog bathtub drain, it is required to feed the auger down the overflow opening. While passing the trap you may face some resistance but don’t stop and keep feeding the snake and try to unblock the blocking. Using the baking soda: In case you do not possess a plunger or the performance of this tool fails to solve the problem of how to unblock a shower then you must move to other methods of unclogging the drains. Using baking soda in the process of unclogging the drain is rather a decent job in order to loosen the grimy sludge from the shower drain. But it should be kept in mind that the method of using baking soda works only with slows draining problems and not in full blocking. This is also a cheaper technique and is assumed to be the best eco friendly way to how to unblock a shower.

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