Posted on: 2016-03-18 12:33:06
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How to unblock a toilet Waterloo

To carry out any sort of work related to the water system in the house requires empty pipe work. You may drain the specific function and not the whole system as we do with blocked toilet Waterloo. In this context the following information could be very helpful to you in order to save money and time as well.

Labelling the stopcocks and valves:
Even in normal circumstances you must identify the locations as well as effects of all the stopcocks and valves in the house. It happens to be very helpful in case of a blocked toilet Waterloo – so that you can turn them off quickly in case of emergency. It is also suggested to label the controls to avoid any time wastage or damage. Taps that are supplied directly from the main can simply be isolated when we switch off the stopcock on the rising main. It is usually situated under the sink. To drain the excess water, open the tap.

Draining tank in attic:
Indirect fed items are served through the water from a cistern in the attic. Water from this source can be stopped by turning off the valve from the cistern to the specific area you are concerned with. Otherwise, the water supply from the cistern can be totally stopped.

To perform this job, place a piece of wood on the tank and then tie the ball valve with it in a closed position. Now you can empty the water tank while opening all the cold taps that are supplied from it.
Through the rising main:
The same results can be attained when you switch off the rising main while the cold taps are opened. By this the necessity to tie up the ball valve can be removed; this also has the downside of cutting off the supply to direct fed parts of the entire system as well.

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