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Sink Faucets
The first step for fixing sluggish or a leaking faucet is to identify the type of faucet you are dealing with. There are two types of sink faucets. One is the Compression Faucets and the other is Washerless faucets.

Compression Faucet is an old invention which has two handles while washerless Faucet is the modern invention. It is the most commonly used Faucet by the homeowner that has the option of cold and hot water by aligning hot and cold water pipes from the inlets. Further types of Washerless Faucet are ball, disc, cartridge and valve. Models of washerless faucets vary with the manufacturers. It is important for the homeowners to get identical replacement parts for their sink.

Professional Tips
When you're repairing the faucet of your home, douse the connections with penetrating oil so you can easily loosen the tap with a wrench. Wrap the tap outside the wrench jaws, it will help to prevent marring the parts of the fixture.
Before starting to repair tap, plug the sink so that the small parts of the tap cant fall down.
As you disassemble the tap, line up all the pieces of the tap in an order so that you can easily put them back.

Before you start working on a tap, turn off the water from the main supply.

Compression Faucets
When you turn on the tap of the compression faucets, the stem of the tap may screw. If water leaks around the handle, tighten the packing nut. If that fails, replace the packing. Take off the compression tap handle and replace its washer with a new one. If you are looking for a plumber who can fix your plumbing issues with ease, call us at Plumber Waterloo. We provide plumbing experts at Plumbers Waterloo. Our company offers 24/7 services for urgent Plumbing work.

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